Dj Méndez called Instagram to distinguish him from Marcela Duque with his keen enthusiasm


The musician Dj Mendez and Marcela Duque They are couples well-grateful than those that appear on television, their participation in the real problem they are experiencing; hitting as well as the doubt of life "The Mendez".

But this would not be an issue, because Leopoldo Méndez says they would not be together. And he did it through Instagram.

"Even though we have separated as a couple, You do not know how happy and I know you're still part of my life", Part says Dj Méndez air Instagram.

"Thanks @ cela076 to continue to share with us on these important dates! I hope that someone who is worried about someone Like the black … I want you the best thing for you and your family and 2019 years are very successful and enjoyable… because if someone is worthy of that, you are! ", the singer added to him.

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Marcela Duque, ex-partner Dj Mendez responded to this comment and thanked the musician, He analyzed its modifications in 2018 and focused on its objectives for 2019.

"It has been one of the most prosperous years of my life. I'm going out a bit and I do not have a & # 39; Behavior but hope for next year, "said Duque.

"I learned to say NOT, consider my first feelings and if you do not value it yourself and you want it, you will not do that (cliché? But it was like mountains to move), "he said.

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