DJ Young Jor 100 tells the emergency minutes Help all patients suddenly from blood vessels in the brain t


The DJ Happiest Jor. 100 telling the story of an emergency. The person with an ill illness was suddenly in front of him. Ask for a light illness eventually they discovered a disease from the path in the brain. You must help a race against time

(29 Mar) The Reporter said that social media is taking account of the stories DJ Apisuk Waiwisit The radio station JSC 100 has posted shared experience by themselves. While they are helping with tasks at Srithanya Hospital If they meet unjustly a middle-aged man and ask for pianists And fall to the ground Be urgent. Help unwanted patients

DJ Abhisuk JS100 Facebook spread the story. Is there an incident during activities at the Srithanya Hospital Museum. It seems he had seen a medium-aged man sitting down to the ground. And he spake a soft voice saying, "Is there a cure for righteousness? I am miserable."

While they are waiting for the medicine to be brought out you tried to get the markings all the time and said that he was still lazy. But they noticed that the marks became more difficult So we decided to look for a doctor who should be in work Even to find 2 young people with first aid bags It is a medical student. on the first year, to help measure the weight and ask questions. I immediately know that the marks are unusual. The other brother then followed the doctor.

At that time he noticed the media card. Then he asked him if he had a friend or not, he used to make a cemetery when he was trying to get a friend's number. He tried to move his arms. But he said that his arms were not moving at that time and they knew that the marks would have been a little bit.

After that, he could not support his conscience. The young medical student tried to help him get down on his back. As he spoke to those who were close Soon the doctor soon arrived. It takes about 1 minute to look at the signs and it says, "Perhaps about strokes. Grace to get to an ambulance. Variously, this is bad. There is no equipment at this place."

When asked if the doctor is unable to deliver the medicine here or the doctor said "There is an emergency. You can see first. There is no helper here. It needs to be presented to continue with medicine Or, at least, to remove the ambulance first. There will be equipment on the car. Open the blood vessel in order to spread the blood first. "

After asking for 5 minutes an ambulance is not yet there. The front of the doctor is not good. Everyone was looking for an ambulance. Although the patient had been contracted for the second time, saying that the doctor had not done much with the patient. Only help to position your situation, be on their side and open the open area. Unfair patients started to break. Bloody through the mouth with the flow of the throat, more medical personnel started to help construct various devices as far as I can get help

Doctors, nurses and medical practitioners will walk past This No But without equipment Everyone helped the phone into the inside, saying they needed to take the car from Srithanya on the start. Prepare a plan in the emergency room. The time is very sensitive.

In conclusion, the Ambulance reaches about 20 minutes, which is a car at Srithanya Hospital. At the same time, the ambulance asked for the first time heard that he arrived at Phra Nang Klao Hospital Follow the emergency room for construction. When the patient is away Separated conditions To get started All the people were happy and prayed that the patient was safe. Strains have to be struggling for time. Does it contain vascular disease? It must be handled within 4 hours, or your brain may be damaged.

However, DJ also decided that this event is regarded as a life experience. Don't forget to help out with strangers. Introduced that the patient was a first outpatient also thought that perhaps a hospital patient is a patient's treatment But he noticed that a newspaper was hungry and happy to be helping to complete the event This event teaches "The Most High Assurance".

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