Djokovic Òg, Alasdair Zverev won ATP events


Alexander Zverev defeated the single-person Novak Djokovic November 6-4 6-3 to win the ATP awards for his first time.

German youth talent continues to continue; O2 Arena in London, disappointed Novak Djokovic in the final ATP Finals 2018 after just 2 sets. Earlier in the halves, Zverev also defeated Federer.
Djokovic was shocked by Zverev's performance

Djokovic was shocked by Zverev's performance

So, the experts tend to the script for the World 1 tennis player. However, Zverev recognizes how he will make an amazing day in a competitive spirit.

At the beginning of her game, the two players were rough in her; The first eight games, before Djokovic made two mistakes and lost the break in the ninth game.

Catching on this rare opportunity, Zverev is happy to eat three football points that are going on. continue to connect the largest in the world to accept the # 39; The first ATP Finals 2018-based loss with a score of 4-6.

Zverev continues to & # 39; affecting the world Number 1 in the final of the ATP 2018

Zverev continues to & # 39; affecting the world Number 1 in the final of the ATP 2018

Sang is in position 2, Zverev's play is very happy. He broke the bankruptcy in the first game. The situation changed slightly after the defeat of the German double hiding player to the newly-challenged opponent after breaking.

However, to the third game, the 21-year-old Djokovic game won again.

This is also the point that will turn the final. Djokovic can not get up when Zverev catches well or 10 as a whole and then Zverev 6-3 has sent her to her. push in this set.

After 80 minutes of the competition, Zverev challenged Novak Djokovic in the final of the ATP 2018 Final with a score 6-4 6-3 for winning the championship title for his / her. first time.

Zverev's B & B; ATP's first Finals Festival since Boris Becker's impact was made in Frankfurt in 1995.

In particular, Zverev became the fourth player to beat Federer and Djokovic in the two finals and finals in the same competition. Only three have ever done this: Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal and David Nalbandian.

This effect was a # 39; marks a milestone in the post of Zverev after winning three Masters titles and it is expected that the German will become a No. 1 player in the world for a long time.

Le Djokovic, losing the chance to lose a six-part half-time ATP Roger Federer.

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