Djokovic out – competition for examination


His first adventure Novak Djokovic is being attacked for the unrest over the ATP leadership which is now heading the world 1 against Philipp Kohlschreiber.

Before Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka, the present-day impact of Switzerland, were shared with another, the hero of the day is by Novak Djokovic. Philipp Kohlschreiber (ATP 39), who defeated with last night's water, lost 1-0 as a giant flock in the flight. The world number 1 is well over long distances – perhaps its foot is going through the second round. The Serb is leaving behind her first four: 6 loss – by removing the rack on her shoe's shoes with three heavy beats.

After the second royal king 6: 4, who really deserves to enjoy the delight, Kohlschreiber visits happily through the stadium. "It didn't play the best tennis, or you can't change number one. But with a lot of change changing, I play well," he says, looking forward to court. The interviewee is still affected by Germany for 35 years. "Kohli" shows humor: "What's it mean? I still have many years! This is a very special time for me. »

At the same time, Djokovic hasn't been receiving the most times since he was in the desert in California. Since he lost his first trip in the previous year, he doesn't miss any points with this third round. But no one who had five hours in the name of the Indian wells got a taste of it. He had to answer too many questions on abusing British ATP leader Chris Kermode, who is responsible for the role of city council leader Djoker. And because he was unavailable to talk to other superstars of the scene, he has recently been criticized by Federer.

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