Do Meghans share the Prince's Brothers?


Anxiety Just recently, Prince Harry (34) was told, "What Meghan wants, get Meghan." This is why Harry is a looking for a new place to live. According to a supervisor, both do not want their baby to grow up in a "fishbowl". The move would also mean physical separation from the brother Harry, Prince William.

In Windsor Castle, Harry and Maghan will stay in Frogmore Cottage. The building was named because of the large number of frog that once lived in the maritime area. In Windsor, Harry and Meghan, who is now an official blackberry of Sussex, is pretty close to her Queen. Queen Elizabeth II (92) is said to have her & # 39; spending much longer at the castle at Buckingham Palace in the heart of London.

Harry and the old actress, Meghan, married the last May at Windsor Castle. At that time, they got around 200 evening guests for their marriage at the Frogmore estate.

Prince Harry voting their favorite Royal

Prince Harry, by pole, is the best king with them. It has a 77 per cent view, as shown by the YouGov Monday survey of around 3,700 people. The Britons say it is friendly, funny and secret. Just then his grandmother comes second, Mrs. Elizabeth II (74 per cent), just behind his brother, Prince William (73).

Far away, the fourth place goes to Duchess of Kate (64 per cent), fifth for Prince Philip (56) and sixth for wife Harry, Meghan (55). It is not as good as cut off as the incapable heir that is similar to Prince Charlie, who will take 70 on Wednesday. Even every second (48%) has a strong opinion – he came in the seventh place. Camilla's wife made only 10th with 29 per cent. She was a girlfriend for Charles when he was married to Princess Diana. At that time, they had deceived a lot as "Rottweiler".

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