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Millions of older people will count on Social Security to pay the bills when they retire, and thankfully, registration for benefits is very easy. But if you're asking whether that process is to be # 39; Occasionally, the answer is "not".

The reason? There is no age to record a Social Certificate. Selected recipients will receive an eight-year window to apply for benefits that start at age 62 and to # 39; Ending at 70. (Indeed, you do not even have to file 70, but there is no financial reason to wait for that point.) There are different methods and benefits associated with filming at different ages, so the decision to apply for benefits is not solely responsible for Social Security Administration (SSA). Instead, you need to quantify the benefits and disasters that you are experiencing; Filte at different ages to go ashore on the same right.

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Make the best formal decision

The Social Security benefits are counted at the maximum of 35 years, but the age you may be able to count; filed to climb or drop that number. If you are full-time file (FRA) – 67 is for anyone born in 1960 or later – you will receive the same monthly profit that will give you your salary registration. File before the FRA, and your benefits will be reduced for each month you apply early. And if you delay delays over the FRA, you increase 8% a year up to the age of 70 – that is why you do not pay a & # 39; Waiting past 70: You will not grow the benefits longer.

As you have financial benefits in your appeal decision, you must carefully consider your settings. It is one thing that remembers the extent to which you intend to be responsible for Social Security to pay your expenses when you retire. If you saved yourself well, you can apply for benefits already in order so that you can use them to travel or enjoy life as long as you are very young. But if you have very few savings, you may want to grow those benefits, or avoid reducing.

Your appeal decision should also have a big role. Although Social Security is technically designed to pay the same lifetime life, whatever you are going to do; filed first. you get less), it's just a case if you live for average life. If your health is poor, and you expect to go beyond the youngest part, it is usually best for you to apply for benefits as quickly as possible. And if you expect life is longer than the maximum, you should be as long as possible.

Advocating your benefits

It does not matter when you decide to sign up for Social Security, do not expect these benefits to be found during the night. It can take several months for your application to pass through, so if you want to start the benefit of benefits at 67, you would be wise to apply when you are 66 and 9 months old.

The easiest way to apply for Social Security online is through the SSA website. You can also apply to your phone or personally in your local Social Security office, although you may need a meeting if you are in a position; going on the final. In a couple of ways, enter the appropriate measure of their decision, and thank the lucky stars that your flexibility is to start the benefits at the best possible time.

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