"Do not ask me about Isco today?"


An Real Madrid, led by Argentine Santiago Solari, tied to Villarreal 2-2 as a visitor and moved away from the fight for the home competition, in a game waiting for the 17th day Spanish League he stopped for his trip to the World Cup in the United Arab Emirates, where he finished being a hero for the third year after that when attacking Al Ain with proof 4 to 1.

And at his press conference after her & # 39; game, the "Indiecito" was irresistible about the presence of the field Isco Alarcón, one of the stars at the Mherengue and had a short time as soon as it was; and he took over as a coach of the White House. "Now they do not ask about Isco? He was good He is a good player, one from Madrid. Everyone deserves respect. He made a good half, "to burn the DT.

With regard to the connection of seven teams outside Barcelona, ​​Solari said: "It was a combination of both, weighing and not losing ground, they went up and went Gareth Bale leaves us out of depth. You do not kill the games in which you are at risk, we were in the hands of Karim Benzema and then those with Lucas Vázquez and Marcelo. We are going to keep & # 39; fight always We will get a point and we will continue to compete. I think our choices were to win"

In addition, the 42-year-old coach was missing about the lack of Madrid team in the Ceramics stadium: "I do not think it was a lack of control. There's more to be & # 39; find deep and hurt, we had two clear opportunities to win the third one by Vázquez and Marcelo, we have to go to # 39; make it clearer and there are players like Gareth who gave us but he had to be included in the break ".

Finally, Solari considered the challenge of the opponent and why he sent him away. Luka Modric, the best player in the world according to FIFA, won the Best Best Award: "They really broke, they were at the house and they needed the points, we did not have to get more depth. Modric has everything, a flu process comes and it's all over it. to give us, we are very grateful and made a good game. The change was planned. "

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