Do not do with your Mac if you went to iOS altogether


The debate about whether the iPad can be a major computer is still burning many people, but full of opportunities. The iPad may not be legitimate for some, but for those with basic needs, it is already. For those types of users, What does he mean to keep the Mac in these times?

Store of photographs and guardian copy

General users (and even some professionals from specific organizations) who can completely depend on the iPad for their daily work. But Mac can still be a tool that works in the background and which covers all that iOS (still) can not do.

One of the examples that I have seen most with my support sessions for users to use Mac as a warehouse, most of photos. By storing the image library in iCloud, it can store a storage space for iPhones and iPads (remember that you always have a "mirror" of what is in the cloud "as So what you can do is just a big part of your photo collection to local storage (hard drives outside) run by Mac.

Another option is to store all of the images in Google Images (a service that gives us an unfinished area), but no more person wants visit for privacy purposes. There is also someone who does it only to make easy access, but also He also prefers to have a local copy All of these are mostly pictures.

The Mac can also be good Backup display of our iOS devicesIn this case, we do not have enough space in iCloud so they can store them in the box (or also request them locally if there is no internet connection).

In this case we will be responsible for & # 39; Mac will not be able to restart the iOS devices if necessary or move from one device to another, but people who prefer them for any reason.

We can also think of Mac how it is multi-media library management center. Here little by little, subscribing services such as Netflix, Apple Music and a company are available; but the best ones are music, movie and series that are stored locally and managed by local freight such as Plex or Infuse. Many thanks to this kind of software that we can store these materials on Mac and enjoy our iOS devices and Apple TV.

Will this continue in the future?

LaCie d2 Thunderbolt 3

This is a great question where we can have an interesting debate. Yes, Mac also has resources for those who have gone to an iPad as a backdrop for specific things, but you have to think that's this can change. And you can do it faster than you think with iOS change.

What would happen if iOS 13 is included for example support for reading and hard working drama outside through USB-C and application of enhanced Files? What if, from then on, IOS can save the local security directly with those records without being able to; go through iTunes?

It's not hard to think iPad is a n; Save your backup just to drive outside USB-C, without going through iTunes

We can also think of the same for the storage of images: make a picture of iOS seals where you can say "Save the pictures that reach the specific age of the hard drive". All of this is already very useful at the technical level, Apple just needs to think well how to implement it and achieve it in draft in the future of iOS.

Therefore, it can also be said that Mac can even lose those tasks when the time is over and iOS will be updated. Everything is to see how these updates are going to be and if the customers, both the widest and the most professional, are changing.

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