Do not eat a three hour meal before bedtime


All food use, & nbsp; restriction of protests and alcohol, increasing awareness of insulin, physical activity is small life interventions; the defense defense of the body so that it can resist cancer, according to Lygia Alexandrescu, president of the Roman Society for Nutrition Education.

Depending on each other, food that is to be used to prevent cancer must be as close as possible to the nature they are at the same time. offer, avoid & so large & # 39; It is possible to include moving food and sugar, especially fructose processed.

In a statement to Agerpres, Alexandrescu warns that all types of sugar are dangerous to health and that the wear is welcomes cancer, and it's likely to be a chronic carbohydrate in fructose so large & as possible.

"Three times before the bed starts at the time of losing food. Evidence (…) has a nutritional nutrition at their body and cell mitochondria at times when they do not need energy, a & # 39; the movement of a large number of free radical electricity tanks, thus creating an aggressive attack of these very genuinely reactive species can damage the cell membranes and are fascinating to the DNA hill, "the nutrition shows.

Also, it's another strategy for cancer fighting. Lygia Alexandrescu recommends 1g of protein / kg of body as the highest degree of protein that should be included within 24 hours. Vitamin D has a vital role, based on the specialist, one of the most incredible cancer crimes.

"Vitamin D appears to be able to get into the cancer cell and to stimulate apoptosis, the death of a patient disease. This is why people who are suffering from the This disease has the vitality levels of between 70-100 ng / ml, "said the specialist.

In terms of increasing insulin awareness, a & # 39; acute balance control and acrylic, leptin / gallon hormones, decrease incredible averages by increasing insulin awareness, and & nbsp; reducing early marks, this can be achieved through wonderful friends, Lygia Alexandrescu says.

Insulin is the main hormone that helps to keep food from food.

"It will grow when we eat. While eating, glycogen is revitalized, and when it is broken out of food, its body will Using its wise sources and butterflies, but after the maximum 12 hours, without other feeding foods, these stores will be lost and the body is going to & # 39; the use of an existing device in the body, so the body will burn fat, and the weight loss of the cancer protection factor appears, "said Alexandrescu.

Day-to-day movement also reduces cancer risk by a & # 39; maintains a low level of insulin and by encouraging apoptosis of disease cells.

According to Lygia Alexandrescu, and curcumin, the active ingredient in drainage can be an important ingredient in the fight against inflammation of illness.

"There are other interventions that can prevent enclosed changes to limit or include alcohol, which prevents the appearance of electromagnetic features, or appeared to Bisphenol A (as a result of food warming in plastic vessels). Raw meat is made directly on the burner generated by coal related to the appearance of cell cells due to acrylamide, good material toxicity. In a short time, nutrition, movement, stomaching, relaxation in an individualized strategy is as important as possible as possible and to prevent free radical attack, inflammation and other factors that lead to the appearance of cancer cells, "explains President of the Roman Society for Nutrition Education.

She argues that it is essential in the fight against cancer: a restriction on fat, sugar and sodium; There are regular amounts of mineral, vitamin and antioxidant methods; to use fruit and vegetables as soon as & # 39; as possible and grains in an essential format – these foods contain antioxidants, enzymes and fiber diets that help reduce blood cholesterol levels and maintain colony health; Choosing fish as a source of higher protein – fish is a? including essential omega 3 fat tissue, high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory materials; Appropriate body hydration with 30 ml of water / kg body / day; essential water for skin health, muscles, blood circulation.

It is also important to avoid stress stress levels, and # 39; Choosing a crops rich in chlorophyll at the expense of vegetable vegetables, the choice of new fruit or fruit juice that is justified by its & # 39; Wooden cabin in particular instead of packed zones high in sugar or minerals / food meals.

"The major ill health of a cancer is a worldwide-wide factor, which is the cause of 4 February, Fight Cancer Coight's Day will give us this opportunity to public attention to ensure that there are continuing efforts and concerns across the world, in terms of barriers, early detection and cure. There are strict statistics. 9.6 million people die every year from cancer. Cancer is the second disease in the world causing death. 70% of deaths are in poorly developed countries. 3.7 million lives can be saved through appraisal and screening programs. The total economic cost of fighting is on to be considered at more than 1 trillion bowl, "said Lygia Alexandrescu.

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