Do not eat these foods on empty stomach. What about hire?


La Vanguardia's Spanish newspaper was published
Report, in which she talked about the foods that should not be taken in the morning on empty stomach.

The newspaper said in her report, who changed it
"Arabic"Some people prefer to recruit distance through enforcement
Between meal, for a 16-hour meal meal. According to an expert
Nutritionist Daniel Orsoa said "this approach has been effective."

The paper stressed the need to take a sequence of principles
An introduction to a religious order; to & # 39; Avoiding ill health is a stomach, after many hours
Of non-activity. In any case, we need to avoid recruitment for a long time, because it is not based on it
Any scientific foundations. Biologist José Miguel Mollet, not just a "dysfunction diet" is based on long-term recruitment only
"Marketing brochure for sale of expensive soup."

The newspaper commented on some food items possible
Give some people a feeling of illness, such as nausea and gastrointestinal reflux, especially when
They wear a stomach empty.

According to the nutrients of Juan
Carlos Montero, caffeine is found in coffee, tea, chocolate and drinks
Take an aggressive cause of a type of chick in the stomach, usually in the form of reflux or inflammation,
Especially when lost is staggered empty. "Eat tomatoes
The stomach can cause acidity and recurring signals that may exist. "In this case, from
It is recommended to eat other foods, to reduce the effects of tomatoes, or eat after a few hours
The end of the fast

The newspaper referred to the expert Monteiro as a curse
Food foods, sweets and salts are not "healthy, and often
Be sorry for the stomach, "and should eat those foods on empty stomach
The life of Paloma Quintana said "if you want to bring those things into
Need your food, such as products with sweets and fat
Hydrogenation, there are several reasons why you should not eat at the beginning of the day
And on an empty stomach, including that her & her; Your body is growing all day long. "

The newspaper confirmed that this type of food was in this type
Early in the morning after several hours of speed there is no good appearance, as Quintana is in
"The metallic hormone response at this time is even worse
At times. "Nutrition stressed the need to include this type of avoidance
There is no diet in your diet in any way. The best option is to choose
"Basic food that does not cause a high level of insulin, such as eggs
Taste with banana, apples, or oatmeal with nuts. "

Quintana was advised not to drink alcohol under any circumstances
Especially when you are employing, as the method of metabolism is getting faster than empty stomach.
The nutritioner said that ordinary people could use citrus after having a & # 39; hiring.
Pregnant women and people with gastric or hernia or hernia
Contamination, they should avoid avoiding & # 39; citrus wear; will give them more
Problems when they are built.

The newspaper said he was drinking tea or even a simple cup
Water on empty stomach can help us healthy. And between Montero there are "some
People can not afford cold water in the winter, and they may be able to do so; feel tired if yes
Drink quickly after having to even hire even though they are thirsty. Some people can not drink drinking water
Teth. "In this case, Monteiro recommends the need to drink water slowly.

The newspaper showed that there was a carbohydrate
It is not the best choice in peace, such as bread, pasta and rushes after rapid trouble, for it
Can cause a cause to rise, resulting in high blood sugar, and then
Look back later. "It's best to choose food always," said Quintana
Including fiber carbohydrates and uninstallation, such as oats and fruit flakes
And vegetables.

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