Do not follow Vietnam's high speed?


Motorcycle is a distance on the main road on the main road

Video: Pham Duc.

About 6: 50pm on November 18, Pham Duc recorded photographs of dozens of cycling motorcycles on the urgent route on Pap Van – the main Cau Gie road. Follow Pass Pass to Ha Nam, Km2 Van Dien bridge. The vehicle has a & # 39; carrying many baloons, hats, defensive jackets, some cars that stick to it; banner, often with people who are out on a motorcycle called their "community" or "behavior".

Ban's pavement is only for cars with a maximum speed of 100 km / h to Cau Gie and 120 km / h for Cau Gie-Ninh Binh. When he raised the video on a social network, he received more than 1,1000 such as more than 400 ideas. Most of the complaints with a & # 39; action above, arguing that those people are abolishing the law.

In accordance with order 46/2016 about traffic breakdown handling, taxes of 500,000-1,000,000 VND will be sent to & # 39; going into the roadway. Makes a & # 39; breaking traffic collisions, the driver's license will be decommissioned for 2-4 months.

Some of the ideas that may continue on their map (eg Google Maps), often have a # 39; Guides on cars that should go wrong. However, this opinion is not agreed, as if your motorcycle driver's license is sufficiently aware to read the signs, know that the motorcycle is not the main road.

"Passengers" are going to the road, a motorcycle bicycle; going up highway (Hanoi), back cars, turning on the road or cars to; Runs emergency sites like what's going on to have a & # 39; The community has traffic laws In Vietnam, they are greasy. Complaints are available, but enforcement is still not precise. For example, it's a very difficult bike to be played because many owners can do it, and there is no strict control system as a car.

Depending on you, what is the reason for the traffic law in Vietnam.

Ngoc Diep

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