Do not forget to go to the polls today! It is also counted to & # 39; vote in local elections!


In Slovenia, local elections will be held today, the seventh in the history of the independent state. Around 3200 polling booths will be opened in 212 balls at 7am, and voters will say who is responsible for managing the towns in the next four years. They will elect supervisors and members of town councils, and in some cases councils of local communities, a town and a quarter.

There are 688 applicants for 212 county chairs, 87 of them in eleven eleven towns. There are about 3400 places in town and town councils on 22,313 applicants, 13,245 for a holy fourth, local communities and a town. In the towns where members of the Italian and Hungarian national communities and the Roma community live, representatives from these communities will also be selected for the town council. There are 60 candidates for these places.

Where most of the candidates do not have a & # 39; Chief in the first round to collect her & # 39; Most votes, the second visit, scheduled for 2 December, will be decided by the president. Candidates will browse who are the most successful in their first visit. The last ones will definitely be needed in just over half the towns; In 36 there are only one ┼żupanic nominee, and in 60 they are both candidates.

The data on the recognized electoral partnership will be 11m and 4pm, and after the voting of the poll, the election commissions will continue to elect; publishing the results. The first shared constituent and electorate results are before 1930, when the profile of the new leaders is elected by 212 towns more common.

It is not necessary to say again that this is a very important event, as the election of directors in the local environment has a direct impact on everyday life. We do not care if the town is ruled by a sailor with a highly pollutant or a positive idea; only prove his skin at the expense of his or her people. The town council's collection is also very important.

So do not miss the chance, but go to the polls and take it to the future.

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