Do not laugh, but Real Madrid can still get La Liga, European League this season


MADRID: Gareth Bale had a fantastic and three-point goal for Real Madrid Sunday (December 9) for a number of reasons.

You knew he left him but just another five who have recently flown the goals The whites … right? No, maybe not.

If you are not a president of the marriage partner Gareth Bale or his interim agent from time to time, maybe you think he has never been, he is completely in a scuba accident, not "do not believe it anyway, like that!" and there is not much to recommend her spell in Spain.

Without the uncontrollable image that will be sold if you listen to the Spanish media. He loves when he wins a world-wide award, but a very easy target when there are casualties. The fact is far more progressive and much more.

In order to be within five of 100 visits to Madrid due to the Bale injured record, it is obviously not a "real" opposition against the fact that much of his time in a white shirt is shared by one Of the most popular football players of all times is amazing.

So the regularity with which he is doing these goals is in the # 39; Final: Copa del Rey, European League, World Cup.

So, the level of objectives it is doing is consistently. Choose your favorite: What about the crucial objective in the Kiev Barrels League that will win the last season?

It was not a fascinating goal he set up to win the Copa Del Rey destination in 2014, when it was likely that he would run where to go; pound, out of the stadium, back through a series still Marc Sprra to push his wall for Glory Cup for Madrid and sorry for a Barca.

What about the last thunderstorm in Dortmund? Really brilliant. The best is the list of the best five goals; He does not have the last weekend to control "Amazing" and "I-can-do-this-with-my-eyes-closed" at Huesca.

He was also well-known about a comprehensive aim of Welsh who did not; Madrid can not add. That was largely due to the fact that Serbia's guardian at Huesca, Alex Jokanovic, made two fountains from the Ballet, and created another man who was a class all over the world. Oscar won.

We have learned, I think, Madrid's main page in La Liga is their goals – against a report. Although you are criticized by the Spanish media in terms of Ballet scores or not enough, and that it is or is not suitable and restored for something, you would not know it.

Although Barcelona has been in charge of the country, they have been delivering less of the # 39; goals The whitesSouth Westerly

Since Pep Guardiola took over in 2008-09, Barcelona has agreed, combined, 91 fewer their historic campaigns. Think about that number for a second one. It's amazing.

We have also learned, I suppose, that Santi Solari has made a series of very good results from doing it. taking over, has changed the training and fitness arrangements (skilfully but successfully) and Madrid is really involved in the case for his / her. first round of history.

Is that your sound spluttering? I know, I know. It's a right feeling that can not be properly said? Risible, even? Well, this is the theory.

At the moment, Real is not far behind the league's leaders since the last season was the same. The damage to the damage of a few months from the summer season is still underwater.

They should not be in the shape of winning their consecutive Fourth League for a number of reasons: a club has never been done, they've lost the amazing loss of Ronaldo for the big times and # 39; need to be on your way if you & # 39; about making history, and their goals – against their accounts are much worse than this stage of this season.

But they won their group, they have played the best football of the season, long, on European nights and … this is Madrid we are doing; talk about it. They will gain their & # 39; This competition with the same resource that we have more of our & # 39; breathing or eating.

With regard to La Liga? Well, it also looks at the challenges facing this but the main reason here is that no team has yet to make a case that they are the ones that they prefer. Barcelona will be painted again as trees: that is obvious. But do they look vulnerable? There is.

Are Barcelona really interested in winning the European League? There is. And who knows what the season holds to their main players in terms of form and fitness.

I'm the only thing here, if Santi Solari was not, five points behind him and her; look at Atleti side that affects its & # 39; impact, Diego Costa is not back in the team until the spring and the best of Brazil's birth will not have a strain to know when, you would say to yourself, "We can give this title win. "

Sorry for Sevilla, it's fun while you're up there & # 39; Play this way, but the title, as you know well, is a bridge too long.

On the Copa side? Well, Madrid is not worthwhile for two seasons – since they have been accustomed to winning it again, in particular – but with a fair wind and a bit of effort, it is far from being out of Question.

In fact, if Solari was missing, wanting to go to # 39; Affecting, hopeful to wait Jose Mourinho and Joachim Low who, in my opinion, curing up for the work of Madrid in the summer, you may be focused on her & # 39; Sucks and uses great efforts to win so your CV will look back to May. You may not agree to laugh, but you know that this is not a strange idea.

However, the fact is that Madrid needs to do anything in Huesca.

Then, Sunday afternoon, Madrid kept a clean page. It is true that no one knows exactly how, but they did. The old age of Gonzalo Melero, once a young young player in Madrid under the care of Zinedine Zidane, was losing that it was difficult to go home at the same time and, if I did not. Lament my opinion, he still removes his hair and his & # 39; promised "o how come Did I put it out? "

So, this is a point about a & # 39; 1-0 advantage and Gareth Bale's artistic. This is the first market to move over in the winter where a club like Real Madrid, if they choose, can make a special purchase to solve their obvious problems – that is, it is likely to be a permits too much and a little problem to contribute to essential goals – and then use that player in the European League boundaries.

For that reason, if I was one of the clubs that should have been certified through the level of the organization but do not (choose what you are) and now that it's now going to be € 30 or € 40 million. I'm very worried about getting a phone from the post-president of Madrid, Jose Angel Sanchez, a & # 39; Ask price at the top level or the champion.

And just think about how hard your football player is to do; offers an opportunity to go to Madrid in January and have four very good displays (over eight games) away from winning the European League.

Madrid – which is now very cozy, influencing the most emerging athletics through Marcos Llorente, Sergio Reguilon, Federico Valverde and Dani Ceballos, by Thibaut Courtois, playing out of his skin, with Ballet passing his time with the goals, with Toni Kroos, Casemiro and Luka Modric who split on the World Cup and Can you buy a couple in the mobile market?

Well, I see it's very lively and interesting.

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