Do not let the weak "Wave General" Chen Xuesheng want to climb the "flag of the country" and an election campaign 9-a-1 | Today's NOWnews News


Wave wave conversion
▲ On May 12, Yuyao Taoyuan and Chen Xuesheng in South Korea joined 30,000 people to kill the place. Chen Xuesheng team said they should make good use of this "wave wave" and bring another "banner of tourism" series. Actions. (Picture / Reporter Li Chuntai, 2018.11.12)

On 12th of December, the capitalist of Kaohsiung, Yuki Yu, Taoyuan and Chen Xuesheng came to support him, attracting around 30,000 people to play. This type should not be affected by "General Wave". So, the Chen Xuesheng enterprise team is today (20). He said that "Korean Yuqi, Taoyuan responds", and # 39; launching a "national flag flag" campaign from now on, and I hope that the national flag can be the last day of the election campaign to connect the indigenous hearts of the population.

Wei Youren, who is a spokesman for the campaign team, after the Yuma Taoyuan and Chen Hehe in the 12th century, have put away the people's dedication. So far, the people who are growing out of the streets are still. At that time, there were more than 30,000 national flags at the same time as well as singing loving songs together. Many people were greatly enforced, and the middle voters who were unhappy about politics and who were not happy to vote were also inspired by natural awareness. They all said that "for Taiwan, we will vote for sure."

Wei Youren said that the central government is not in power and that the business is in ban. The year's election campaign is between the Taiwanese people and the DPP. The holy vote of the people will future provenance of Taiwan's destination. Voting is therefore a key place. After the 12th event, co-workers began to believe how to make an application to vote for voters, so the idea of ​​"banner" was introduced.

Wei Youren said that there have been applications for local councils and district leaders, and volunteer volunteers have attracted a national flag in Taoyuan City, disturb the public. In the first three days before the election, Taoyuan citizens will be asked to build the national flag at regional road trips from 10:00 am to 11:30 pm, and they will use a national flag to encourage people to vote.

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▲ The Chen Xuesheng team believes that the most attractive scenery on the afternoon of Yu Sheng has more than 30,000 national flags flying at the same time, and the traditional songs co-operated on the scene, and many people are closely linked to them. (Picture / Reporter Li Chuntai, 2018.11.12)

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