Do not lose sleep over babies modified to genetic & # 39;


He says his experiments were successful, and his methodology did not cause any harm to the genome surplus. No one can still prove this.


We do not know who the participants understood the purpose of the survey. Licensing forms referred to the project as "AIDS vaccine development program".

It was a serious emergency breakdown in any medical test; in lack of informed agreement, not to do in an unexpected study here.

But the worst thing about these reports is that it would have been tested for healthy pursuits for a challenging medical benefit.

The tweak that gives HIV is a double sword. Although these girls do not need to be afraid of the everyday rule of medication and long-term stigma that is; HIV infections may be more likely to respond to a fatal response to something comparatively small, such as flu.

It is seen in a glass panel when it works at a computer in surgery in Shenzhen.

It is seen in a glass panel when it works at a computer in surgery in Shenzhen.Credit:AP

There is no way to find out what & # 39; The overall impact of such a change could be.

Human genes are one day essential. Exceeding success has been successful in animal models. For now, human generation examinations are limited to careful, well-designed and obviously unrelated exams.

Introducing changes to the generation generation for a genetic disease is not essential, but it must be determined by a large medical needs, a good understanding of the dangers and benefits , and any other effective cure.

It seems that it is a test to carry any of these symptoms. It's quick, no purpose, and informal.


This time announces, just ahead of the International Convention on Human Development, which will be held in Hong Kong today, greatly suspect. It seems that he and his colleagues are encouraged by self-awareness at the cost of safety and the welfare of the couple.

In addition, if their claims are confirmed, the couples can be the focus of international attention, on their conviction to keep their lives alive under the look of the research and media field.

What will happen now?

Editing a long gene is crucial to surrender fearlessly. Work in this area gives us a great deal of progress in our understanding of diseases. For the first time, we can get into the genetic accidents that cause cancer and can be restored. We can make changes to our DNA with viruses such as HIV that make a copy of their genetic materials. The benefits that we can not take away.

Many of these reports are disturbing us, but we should not sleep over them. We will comfort ourselves in broad affirmation with its own university, colleagues and educators throughout the world. This is a strong indication that the majority of scientists are unpopular with depression.

As researchers from around the world today agree to consensus on the appropriate use of genealogy in human situations, they can now get more confidence to get an agreement .

Although critics of the technology may be able to; Considering that growing intensity of wild genealogy is now open that the Pandora box has been opened, the strong and unanimous position of the scientific community should be identified.

Fahad Ali is a generator and member of the Nano Sydney Institute and Sydney Insurance Institute. It works in developing new delivery methods for a CRISPR machine in plant cells.

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