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After Wang Xiaofei sent the text to the text, he quit the text quietly. (Figure / Discharged from Weibo)
Wang Xiaofei explained the reasons to delete it. (Figure / Discharged from Weibo)

Wang Xiaofei was married to a Taiwanese spouse in 2011. After a wedding, a family of four were happy and happy. Last year, in his wife's name, he opened a "S Hotel" hotel in Taiwan. He always looked at overseas political issues and looked at this Gold Gold Award. He also said he was silently deleted the text. He also explained that he would kill him. He felt he was "something happy with the last word" and that he was no longer a & # 39; trying to make a riot.

The "Shadow" Zhang Yimou was supposed to mark in "S Hotel", but because Jinma was banned by a political struggle, Zhang Yimou was not just about it. appear. The male and female characters Deng Chao and Sun Wei disappeared, and the crackers were pulled up. They did not accept media interviews. Wang Xiaofei, head of the Hotel, is also posted on Weibo in the morning. "This Golden Gold Prize is, our hotel is the home of everyone in Taipei. It's wonderful, and I do not care about people. I think Taipei friends are good. " South Westerly

However, when the opposition turned, I was happy to leave a message at the # 39; bottom. "But not everyone has come in recently, waiting for the election, which gives me a lesson for this." "The person at the Golden Horse Award can not swear to eliminate these films. The hotel is a good service, which wants to be feeling, sad , get it out, but then it will disable Weibo, and then add text to definition, "Delete Weibo this morning than i & # 39 ; think, the last word is very funny. The friends who presented the awards were very good and we were very confident of our confidence and respect for the film arts! "

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