Do not worry with MLB-MGM agreement


He saw himself coming. The MLB has become a most recent professional sports league in the United States on Tuesday to play a play player.

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred signed a MGM Resorts International agreement, and their economic conditions were not published.

Picture by Mark Makela / Getty Images

With this consensus, MLB Major League Baseball will just go to; continue to defeat the NBA and NHL for their cake and do not go to them; Losing anyone if they are faster than later, the NFL and the MLS will do the same.

Under agreement, MGM's commitments will begin to use official football figures and will have access to better statistics overall.

In addition, the MLB intellectual property, such as league and team signage, in MGM advertising and company bookbuilders.

MGM also attends the All-Star Game and the World Series.

But do not worry. This does not mean that football is It runs a risk that its color is beta, as happened in the 1919 World Series.

Given that the world is in the world, there are bets in football games and this step just allows access to a non-legal use that can not impede the money it creates from & # 39; go to another way.

In May, the Court stopped the Sports Sport Protection Act and Amaritear 1992, a federal statute that had limited sports commitments that were supported by the state of Nevada.

Since their reign, the established regulated houses have opened in Delaware, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and West Virginia.

In fact, a deeper control and control tool will be installed that will prevent people involved in the results and results of games from participating in a betting.

But this tells the fans. It is the audience and not the actors and this agreement should not affect the integrity of its game.

MLB is one other way, a business that creates ten billion dollars, and get even more money, which will grow.

O, on the way, this matter will not be interrupted by Pete Rose's image, a lifelong football ban that was banned by the Cincinnati Reds games when he was running in the 80s.

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