Do Ultima Thule have moors? Scientists want to know – BGR


NASA's New Horizons spacecraft passed on the unique asteroid dance known as Ultima Thule on New Year's Day, and collected lots of amazing data. In his first broadcast to Earth after the target was over, New Horizons told the handle that he was stored on data on his / her; complete the board to its meaning.

Now, how NASA will edit to make spacecraft a & # 39; replacing all the information he gathered when he encounters, scientists are interested in answering one question in particular: does Ultima Thule have a floor?

Mar statements, astronomers have built modules that Ultima Thule's suggestion is about; move a lot faster long, to complete one spinning as fast as every three times. Today it takes about 15 hours to make a round, but why is that?

It is possible, researchers believe that there are the small moors that are; affecting Ultima Thule is responsible for reducing down the centralized goals. By referring to the media groups that may cause them to gradually increase their moisture, dragging down, but that definition is not possible but we can confirm that Ultima Thule has values ​​to start.

However, despite the fact that the flyby itself has gone away, it's a? It's going to take time for scientists to answer this question and many more. That's because New Horizons will be a Submit the data it is stored for the next two years or so. The reduction between space space and Earth provides data of data that will take years to move through, and researchers need to wait and they hope the answer to the moon puzzle, in it.

Apart from that, even though the data does not appear to have a moon (or several) a & # 39; affecting Ultima Thule, it does not mean that there was no moon or two in the past. The small groups may have been away long ago, leaving any search from now on the unit that is now slowly moving to; spinning.

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