Do we like Olympiakos?


Ankara GymHolded by 34. Men at the Turkish CupIn the finals Fenerbahce Tip last night Anadolu EfesI got the competition by blocking 80-70.

Ergin Ataman, an Anadolu Efes coach, who was very much the result of the referee's decisions in the game, was once a technical member & Sorry like Olympiakos & # 39; he explained his response.

At Ataman, the table of the game appeared at the board of the referee to go to the MHK of Kostas Rigas. Ataman's call to Rigas for a long time, and then he congratulated Zeljko Obradovic and his technical staff.

– You have 4 players from the national team

Ataman went to Hüseyin Beşok, who was a basketball player from the TBF. & # 39; You are & # 39; Buying 4 players from the national team, 1 player from Fenerbahçe den This is not fair & # 39; saying, Beşok replied.

Around his / her dad, Ataman was a often criticize societies about the foreign choice and lack of organization.

– What did Olmypiakos do?

Olympiakos, who was meeting Panathinaikos, was in Final Cup final of Greece on 14 February, was removed from the field in the second half due to referee's decisions.

So, the partnership had 6 points of the Piraeus team.


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