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Marek Hrivík

Marek Hrivík on archive image.

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For nine years, Marek Hrivík's Pacific Hockey spokesman passed overseas. Before the current season, he decided to change and went to KHL of Russia.

The Vítaz Podolsk club had a good introduction for the year and some time
He moved ahead of the productivity of the entire competition, but from the decision
It did not finish September until mid-November again. Shooter Shooter
broke up in the middle of the race that won on Dynamo Riga.

"I had a good start, then I did another and I had
time & quiet & # 39 ;. For me, the points are not the most important things.
It's important to win, "said Slovak hockey player.

He spoke more about the longest range without going to & # 39; write to the challenge objective.
"I have not been successful in the longest, it was a big problem. The race was good,
but then we have some games played. Now we have the most difficult,
because we brought them to Rige themselves and they are now playing in Bratislava, the teams
around us in the table. We need good points on them, "he said, 27
native of Chad.

"At the beginning of the season I was very small, but that's all
correctly and I'm happy I can play again without restrictions. I'm not at all
It makes it difficult because I regularly hunt more than 20 minutes. I am happy to be
Such a chance, "he said.

It was the health problems. He has dropped out of November's game game
Beginning at the German Cup in Krefeld. "I was wounded and in general
we have agreed with Mirom Shatan to leave the competition and I do
try to come in December. So far everything is right and if we get it
order, so it will be very happy, "said Marek Hrivík.

His team, Vítaz Podolsk, is in the chart of the West Conference on his / her; Finish
going on to play out and on Friday it's a influencing the fight against Slovan
Bratislava, which has just dropped by four points.

"It's a really bad game for me and that. It has been a long time ago
I played at home in Slovakia. I'm really happy to get a lot in the game
family members and experts, "continued Hrivik, who was in Slovakia
Last played in preparation for the 2014 2014 World Cup.

Hrivik Club Slovan Bratislava is currently playing the most challenging challenge
The worst protection in the competition, when he collected 108 visits.

"I do not believe Slovan has a bad defense, since Andrej Meszaros is there
by Michal Sersen. I do not think Friday is easy to expect something.
Even Slow to & # 39; Understand the situation, he will play in full and want two points, "
he said.

After the change in hockey, when North America moved to Russia,
Hrivík is still familiar with some of the special things: "The difference between KHL and
The NHL is good in everything, whether it's a training, back club,
style of a game. I'm still used to a bit. "

You are not currently returning to the US or Canada in the game. "At the moment
I do not think at all and her; look at what is here and now. And we see
what will come, "he said.

On Thursday afternoon in Bratislava, he introduced that "move" from abroad to
KHL also chose to have a better chance of home fighting
MS, which will host Kosice and Bratislava in May 2019. "For everyone
It is an incentive to get to a home competition. Yes
good thing for Slovakian hockey and our supporters, "said Hrivík.

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