Do you know how USD needs $ 448 million to put Powerball into your week of change?


The US Powerball lottery still holds the world record for the highest-ever made pots: USD $ 1,586 million. This impressive prize was removed on January 13, 2016 and was divided into three tickets.

The three winners to this amazing prize are: t

Lisa and John Robinsonin Tennessee, a Tennessee couple bought a number of Powerball tickets, while in one they measured their choice: 4-8-19-27-34 and 10. They also won a score. living in the same house and maintaining the same way of life. But, after six months, they changed their mind. A house assessed at USD $ 10 million was purchased.

Mureen Smith the second one was to ask the third of the highest award ever drawn by a Powerball lottery. He asked his award with Nickel 95 his prize, but he also published his name. Accompanying her husband, Maureen, they have the same life as the artist and b. At the moment, they will continue to participate in the photographs.

Marvin and Mae Acosta They are the third winner. The names are well known but nobody knows who they were from their impression to hold a low image. "[…] It is not our intention to be public figures, and we ask and value privacy in the future. Thanks, "they said in a news release.

There was little demand for this Powerball prize which was distributed among 4 tickets. In a historic draw January 13, 2016, H.V. from El Salvador, who won second prize for that USD $ 1 million. He lived all his life in America. UU. At the time of his retirement, he returned to his native country, but continued playing lot. He purchased his online Powerball tickets at Lotter and only measured the five main numbers, but not the number.

This week, Powerball will be presenting a remarkable prize USD $ 448 million. This award can reach the Peruvian people who play online at Ltter Peru. The principle of online play is: the user to order a ticket that will be processed later by a local local producer, who will purchase the corporate tickets in authorized shops and send them to the user t his account. In this way, the player benefits from a comfortable and fast process, giving him a chance to win a prize that changes his life altogether.

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