Do you know Rami Malek was playing in Gilmork? And thank the same


You do not believe what movie star Freddie Mercury was. He had to prove a good good imagination and patience.

After what Freddie Mercury did in Bohemian Rhapsody, Rami Malek became a big star. From prestigious audits, he will take one prize with a variety and his / her; Raising more and more film-makers.

BAFTA 2019

BAFTA 2019

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There are very few people, however, aware of how big the series is about to start.

Rami Malek spoke about his first attempts on the camera at the SAG award, where he took another valuable image. Like many other actors, he also had to start an original and bite only on support jobs.

He moved to Los Angeles, where he went to work bankruptcy and found a chance. He gradually changed more accommodation until he ended up as a messenger serving food meals. With his new work, he also received a good idea of ​​how he would help him happily.

The idea for a million

She ate in every order, because she also threw a sub-strat with her icon in each pizza box. Then it was just waiting for delivery to get in the right and if not; can reach someone in such an autonomous way.

After months of any response, Malek had a long phone. At the other end of the phone, the woman who was over was looking for the actors in the Gilmore Women series who had loved the other side of the phone.

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Ramimu found her profile and was surprised. She gave her a straightforward part in which she had to say three simple sentences.

When he asked if he went to a team like that, he did not put it in for a minute. The production even promised to be in the studio within ten minutes if he wanted.

This is a & # 39; first task

Malek did a little bit in the series that you liked as well as having a & # 39; entertaining. She first thought she was talking to his agent. Then she raised up nothing at all. Because he did not want to miss this offer, he quickly said that he was working hard to investigate, which made her smile.

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Finally, on that day, he came to his position and earned his first job. You can see it in the part of the 11th part of the fourth series that was filmed in 2004. Rami Malek was a & # 39; runs a member of the Bible study cycle led by Kim Kim:

With a difficult time, he thinks this is one of the most important developments in his career, see the photo gallery:

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