Do you know the Fatwa Committee's response in Al-Azhar in terms of managing the implant at the grave?


The committee has a & # 39; Responding as follows: Visiting the tombs is a prophetic year, and he said: "Visit the tombs; they will remind them of the time after."

This is the location of the visiting tombs set in the Prophetic Sunnah that the visitor says to the people of the graves "Peace the house of the people of faith, and we will give you further".

The Life (peace and blessings of Allaah) has passed through the walls of the town or Mecca, and he heard the sound of two who were shaken in their graves. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah) commented: He said: "Yes, none of them was hiding from his roof, and the other was moving with motions." Then he called a newspaper, and broke two blocks, and put on each broken grave, he was told: O Messenger of God, did not I do this? He said, "It may be easier for them to let out what they've been hit" or "to shout."

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