Do you stay short this Christmas? Use the Angelic app to hunt prizes that are also flourish in Mexico


You're going to a store, ask shoes, evaluate the service service to users and get your prize. So Snuuper is simple, the Anglicised app is hunting for prizes that could be saved if the short pocket collapsed at the end of the year.

It is a platform that is based on a collaborative network of "buy buyer on demand", a post, after a fifth year of work, jumping from Chile to Mexico.

Enrique Mena, Ceo and the founder of the claim say he has seen in the companies' troubles to evaluate their knowledge of buying their points, gold opportunity Why the person can not what's Buying instead of a councilor indeed?

"Traditional conventions were always slow, expensive and low, and often offensive, as the evaluations were carried out by training analysts and not real users," says Mena. With the idea that b & # 39; citizenship "eyes and ears during sale," Snuuper was born in 2013.

Snuuper Enrique Mena, Chief Executive of Snuuper. / By permission

Up to now, according to Mena, the totally downloaded 45,000 slogans of the app are -250 miles, and are connected to 25 companies, September to bring their platform to Mexico. In just three months, there are already about 10,000 Central Americans who can apply their phones.

One of the actions today is going to a special center to consider the local people's attention during Christmas. Just go to any source, let the vendors yourself, and answer a questionnaire to 10 questions. After that, there is a picture that remains a witness that you will meet and meet your prize of $ 1,000. The challenge can be made in up to 5 sources, so that you can get up to $ 5,000 in an hour.

"Active users will perform between 30 and 50 jobs per month and in each of them, they can earn $ 3,000, which means they create income between $ 90,000 and $ 150,000 per month, "says the application's founder.

"We have a very healthy community, they realize that this is not a major source of revenue, as Uber or Cornershop can be, but it is a great place to students, for example, so that they can pay for the pond, move and give themselves. Holiday for holidays and Christmas presents, "says Mena.

Snuuper Snuuper came to Mexico. Enrique Mena and José Manuel Rivera, Mexico Country Manager, are pictured. / By permission

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