Do you think the water will attack a new coach bat: Can Slovakia pay back its Japanese capability?


Pavel Hapal and Jaroslav Šilhavý
Pavel Hapal and Jaroslav Šilhavý

BRATISLAVA / PRAHA – Even today, all soccer fans in Slovo and the Czech Republic come to himself. There will be two teams opposing each other, and # 39; start of new production time. The home team is led by the new coach Jaroslav Šilhavý, who installs the success of Trnava immediately. After a five-and-a-half-year struggle, Jan Kozak's Soviet team left and became the Hapal Phavel. Will the new coach in Slovakia be able to pay Checks on their home?

It can be said that this is about this game! The same number of points are in the Czech Republic and the Czech Republic in B Group of the League of Nations of Europe in the 1st Division of Divisions 3. No team has entered to the new competition, so this game will decide who to do; The group survives and who fell into the bottom.

The Czech Republic made no benefit to the Soappiece when they turned into a game in Trnava and won 1: 2. A new Soviet representation began under the watt of Pavel Hapal, overseen Jan Kozák. The superb view of the fantastic blessing came when Slovakia 4: 1 won with Ukraine. This truth can be opened by the Sackcock to the cards.

For a long time, there have been talks about the replacing locations of Slutonic production roles. I think it's the most important part of the left section for the protection and position of its. main champion. Hapal has just made the changes that they created themselves. Instead of Hubocan, he sent the David Hank boy from the beginning, put on Fiorentina's jersey. This game went out to the unit. Adam Nemec was always getting the chance, but the new coach decided to have a # 39; Encouraging the 20th unit leader Adam Zrelac, who was accomplished in a game with Ukraine with a perfect ambition.

There was also a lot of controversy about who should play in the back or attack shields. Hapal also received this question in his first game on his & # 39; bays. The Rusnik himself found himself in the basic collection, and it must be said that he was clearly a tough man. He highlighted his first goal of the game and won the next two. Miroslav Stoch, who is excellent in Slavia in Prague, has returned to her; game too. It should be noted, however, that Hapal has a good choice in the areas. Mak also has a wonderful game and Vladimir Weiss can not take a football. But this prevents the extent of the Catar competition in which it works.

A new coach appears to be the essential revival of the Slovak football. It's very early to evaluate Hapal's work after its first game, but this is likely to be the best option for a Slovak Football League.

There is a game in Eden, Prague, a & # 39; Start at 20:45 and certainly no one else. The two teams have new coaches, a new game style and a victory from the last game. The Slovakians ran home in 4: 1 Ukraine and the Czechs were in a difficult game with a & # 39; Poland, so the two teams are attracted to the bishop. But we believe that the happiness of Paul Happal's relatives is for a longer term than a roar. SLOVAKIA, do it!

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