Do you use cotton swabs to clean your ears? You might even lose a lot more


We all wash our ears with cotton buds, or whether we have done it, however, we take up the bad effects that can be made “so simple” and normal ” t , for example: going up with heavy illnesses in the surroundings of the brain.

According to medical journal BMJ Case Reports, the next time cotton coats are used, he made a 31-year-old to attend: t breeds, confusion, feeling of emotion, a state of mind, a headache and a problem by remembering names.

The effects used by using cotton mascots.

However, the patient had had temporary pain in the left ear for 5 years and he was hearing loss. After a CT survey, doctors were able to locate the remains of the brain.

What's the case? A species called Pseudomonas aeruginosa He caused real necrotizing otitis, t damage the existing material of an external hearing canal.

The bacteria reached the skull through a cotton strip that was part of cotonete. This had been locked up for the patient for years, however, it could be removed and the bacteria were removed by antibiotics.

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