Do you want the NES and SNES Classic? They may already have to buy it


They want the NES and SNES Classic and they may already have to buy itIf you have one of the two entertaining systems, it's better not to leave tomorrow what you can buy today, because Nintendo stop after Christmas season.

Reggie Fils-Aime made sure of that as soon as that was Nintendo It will pass on to make the little dreams as they do not have their plans to; selling classical games only those that are included in the service Nintendo Switch Online.

"We are working hard, both for that NES as it is Classical SNES, to become the best games that that generation describes. We have said that the current systems are expanding our classic program. We were also clear that these materials will be available at Christmas, whether from an American perspective and when they are running out, they will be away. And everything will be there. "

With this statement it is likely that these consoles will rise in the price, a situation that will; increase over time. In addition, he will ensure he has more demand and find it difficult to find it again, just as it happened when he reached the market. It will be interesting to see what numbers are there; closing their short-lived after having sold over 10 million pieces by the end of October.

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