Do you want to be the major repercussion in the Arab world?


Do you want to be the next socialist star? Well, the second season of Sadeem, one of the largest digital competitions in the Arab world on social media, to live.

The digital suite that enjoys many of its second editions which is the most powerful youth creators who will be able to. Competition for the biggest influential title in the Arab world.

It's too late to be part of this year's exhibition, but you can still watch respondents from across the region to work to be crowned as the Next digital star in the Arab world.

The competitors were selected from the 18,000 who were sent to Sadeem from across the Middle East and further afield. The registration requirements for the show are:

Content needs to be personal, innovative and Arabic; partners must be over 18 years and able to travel to Beirut for three months; We will pay all the cost of the trip.

Sherif Fayed is the Soviet content content. The jury will include some of the most popular names in Asia and the MENA section, including Dezad Joker from Algeria, Zap Tharwat from Egypt and Ahmed Sherif from Bahrain.

Ali Al Neyadi from Oman Rama 1 won and won the biggest renaissance title in the Arab world.

The exhibition aims for Arabs aged 15 to 25. The second season will begin on March 2, 2019.

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