Doctors called product that helps with high blood pressure


Медики назвали продукт, который помогает при повышенном давленииThis form bean contains a lot of dietary fiber.

About how the product should be regularly used for people with high blood pressure, told members of the American dietetic Association.

Doctors recommended way to maintain good health if you have problems with pressure, which they rated as effective and inexpensive. According to their conclusion, hypertension is very useful regular consumption of beans.

This form bean contains a lot of dietary fiber (20% by weight), which, according to the researchers, contribute to the active excretion of intestinal bile salts and cholesterol.

"The rate of cholesterol in the human body improves by 10%, if for three weeks every day to eat 120 grams of beans," the elaborated scientific experts.

Thanks to its ability to activate the process of cleansing of vessels from cholesterol deposits with the beans and helps to improve the condition of people with high blood pressure.

In addition, scientists have called the use of beans "superpractical" problems with bowel movements. Bean fiber help prevent the growth of tumors of the rectum and colon, said the experts.

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