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Just a week ago we praised the efforts of boffins to determine how to start the boundaries of Oxo's small cubic pipes. Now it seems that we have our rubbish marsupial paralysis in the beloved company of the medical community, and members have been willing to read pieces (and pass on).

Why? Well, let us be charitable and let us know that parents are a neurotic group. Naturally, the idea of ​​the young people has the idea; splitting a strange thing to wake up the poor sheep at night, and how unfortunate there are so many children toys. come into pieces of device.

Wombat General in the Tasmanian scenery

The shoes are often used to use bikes – and now they know how they are


In trying to defend these fears, a team of UK and Australian doctors, recognizes that much work has already been done on a & # 39; The medals were safely taken with a button, turned their attention into the Lego crack.

"Six healthcare professionals were recruited to swallow Lego's head," independent reading. "Built-in abstraction criteria in previous gastrointestinal surgery, and its independent capacity to introduce foreign objects and to be look forward to finding a fragile topic. "

Fair enough, but what is this? Science made by water and the tongue weak in sorrow? The danger!

"The Stool Hardness and Transit (SHAT) score that used its intimidation collapse was the result. Participants had taken over Lego's head, and the time was to find the item in the catalog stools. Find the main result and get a Time Score (FART). "

That is part of a condition that is desirable United Kingdom desk below. The Chrimbo edition The Journal of Pediatrics and Health Child, which the study publishes, which includes research that is currently being published; going on.

"There was an average FART score of 1.71 days. There was some evidence that women could be better by exploring their stools than men, but this could not be statistically reinforced."

Muladach good. Fortunately, the UK national newspaper The Graun to proceed to make words about the "bad" knowledge. "I do not remember if it was a post-breakfast breakfast," said the author Grace Leo's report to the # 39; paper. "But we all put the Lego between 7am and 9m in our own time zone, with a glass of water.

"For most people it was given after one or three stools. But for deprivation [researcher Damien Roland], he did not find it, and we took all stools for two weeks. I passed the first stool after that and I was very careful. "

Their partner had no adverse effect on their plastic notices, but the test came with a stick "try at home". If you're not three, indeed.

The report added that children's heating systems could vary differently but there was a "little evidence to support this."

The authors said: "If there is anything, it seems that things will be faster in a snare's scary."

Finishing, Leo said: "I hope there is more conversation and awareness about foreign organizations, and confidence for parents who do not have advice through the stool.

"If there's a little Lego's head, you do not have to go through their stool. That should save some of the parents, unless Lego's head is very dear."

These evaluations made it very easy for themselves. There is a small Lego head with round edges by giving a smooth way through the grip. Did you try to swallow a normal four-nodule brace? Are they f *% k – because they might & # 39; die.

Lego's risks are well documented. Everyone knows that he carries more than rejoicing; plow on one of the barefoot hills. The Register to formulate its own formula to measure degree of pain. Including BASTARD: Brain Disease Used x Time / Adoption – A & # 39; opposed Oh oh ohPost-App Try your own scoring systems that are heard and underground in the ideas that will help us with this noble work. ®


Oh yes, and about you, "The Guardian", The The Register Calls and we want our news release back.

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