Doctors recommend that they reduce the risk of food poverty


Медики подсказали, как снизить до минимума риск пищевого отравленияSome simple rules.

The experts identified three key rules that will help reduce the risk of food poisoning. For example, cutting bread where the mold is just for bins.

Food poisoning every year destroys hundreds of millions of people's lives, and in some cases they are fatal. But even though the hardest case is not, the expectation of spending a few hours in the toilet with abdominal pain is very enjoyable. Australian experts have been reminded of the rules that will allow us to reduce the risk of food poisoning. If you notice the appearance of green spaces on bread, that is a bowl, that is, the product is not. Many of us just cut a piece of a piece of bread with the machine and its; Continue eating bread, thus increasing the risk of food poisoning. Milky bread should be thrown into the rubbish immediately.

It is essential to follow the "risk zone" regulations regarding heat storage for food storage. It is between +5 and + 60C. Bacteria can grow and multiply, and in terms of those temperatures. So, food must be served or under the control of heat, even cooking the stove for eating. Cross-contamination is also one of the ways in which to make it happen; cause bacteria to poison food in the body. This occurs at the time of both raw meat (Yes, and not in a tight vessel), as well as fruitless vegetables and vegetables. They come in with other foods that people who eat; used.

He should not buy a chicken that is now embedded with a pink plant. This means that the meat started to grow; hiding. His shop is always a & # 39; buying sourced materials and things from the freezer, and meat must be stored separately to avoid non-pollution.

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