Doctors tell what the joints are easiest to destroy


Медики рассказали, какие суставы легче всего повредитьNot all bonds of the body are so strong.

Scientist Science Isabelle Cambré and Dirk Elewaut of the site for content inspection, VIB-UGent found that the bioxynamic forces are the main causes of damaging the joints. To draw conclusions, scientists surveyed bone examinations, caused by inflammation.

Scientists have identified some "hot" points in the quadrilateral system, where there is a frequent illness and decline of pages. These areas are particularly sensitive to mechanical weight and also explain the clinical image of the injured campaigns in patients.

Through investigation, scientists have discovered that there are devices that are related to releasing some of the two interlocutors. These include chemokines secrete that arise in response to mechanical weight.

"Our findings are very much to define a nature that belongs to the flow of arthritis and the clinical image of joints damage. We are currently trying to The main ways of adding forward to this stream, "- say scientists.

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