Doctors would be caught up to an aerodrome by Julia Nachalova


Julia Nachalova

Julia Nachalova // Picture: Legion-media

Yulia Nachalova was in intensive care yesterday. According to media reports, the reason for emergency hospitals was leaking well in blood sugar and hard gases. As it knows a few minutes ago, the singer's condition quickly declined. Doctors had to connect the star to the air.

In a conversation with StarHit, the PR manager did not change the artist's information online. 'But Julia is not in a great position. Her parents are always in hospital with her, but unfortunately, they are not communicating with them, ”said Anna Isayeva.

The singer's manager was more certain.

“Sorry, I don't give any comments. See the official information on our pages, on Instagram or elsewhere. Nobody will give you anything at the moment. Because there is nothing else to say. This trip. Secondly, nothing happened. I do not know where to find this information. You are writing what you are looking for. I made no comments, ”Vladimir Belov told reporters.

Julia Nachalova and her beloved Vyacheslav

Julia Nachalova and her beloved Vyacheslav // Picture: Sergey Djevakhashvili

Recall, at night before Julia Nachalova in hospital in Moscow clinic in poor condition. “This is a disease of kings. Someone in my family ate a lot of sheep and they ate champagne. So he said. Actually, I want to get health myself, this is the most important thing. I have lots of plans, ”said the singer. T

The star representatives tried to keep the final level secret, but the news was quickly released to the media. “As you know, several years ago, Julia was thought to be shouting. She is constantly dealing with this disease. In this regard, another day she was examined by a well-known doctor in Rome. Also, like any new person, she supports her body, particularly in the spring. Now, after a huge artistic effort, as a result of long hunting (and eye dressing), Julia got into a trouble – she stepped out. As a result, she required medication, rest, and tonic support. So now Julia is following up with Russian doctors, ”said Nachalova's earlier.

According to the materialREN TV"

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