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Tan Cheang Hoe really said that Van Quy is the most dangerous player in Vietnam. There are too many reasons why Van Quy should be named in the first place. However, the Hang coach was a great surprise when Van Duc fought against Hanoi.

Before the ball returned, Hang Park Park coach talks to Van Decision. Then, the Korean teacher made his / her clear point to be & # 39; Using people in this game is very important. After being explored and promoted by the park, Van Resolution has been patiently prepared, Waiting for the opportunity due to a component of the collection.

Vietnam Phone's impact is a silent support from Van Decision (left) Photograph: Tuan Cuong

Vietnam Phone's impact is a silent support from Van Decision (left) Photograph: Tuan Cuong

In addition to statements Van Resolution expresses her unhappy, not the decision of the 59-year-old teacher, the center is a very attractive, even causing her team -sgioba a & # 39; plays at the main Vietnam game in the group level. At short-term in the middle of her & # 39; game, Van Resolution continued to be covered by Park with the eyes "ready". And when the game gets 2-0, Vietnam phone needs an experienced gaming machine; Keeping her game, causing a slam, the enemy was called on the field.
In Vietnam, Van Decision is the leader of the whistle room, the most prestigious and the relationship between the young players 23 against the familiar face. Van Resolution is simple, it's not too slow but there is a voice of weight with footballers. So, it is extremely amazing for the agent in the important game.

"It's a strong team in Vietnam, any player in the team needs to focus on the common goal for BHL and so no one does," Van Resolution. There were no adverse effects on the workplace, but they urged team members to be able to; playing in the most important games, Van Quyet has proven his strengths and thinking well. the collection of the collection.

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