Dodgers buller, why did you start taking a week after going to & # 39; camping? – Sport tends


Walker Buller & Guns Young Loss & # 39; & # 39; take a ball & # 39; at Spring Training on 18th Because I need many of the last seasons I need and I need to guess.

Other points of the Dodgers, including Ryu Hyun-jin, already had two or three areas in spring training. Buller still has to go into the bullpen. He briefly raised the situation and started taking the member on the 18th and sent his / her; first bullpen on camp on the 21st.

News Getty Images Connections

News Getty Images Connections

Buller 177 innings cast as part of his team's entertainment for the past season. It is a big increase compared to 2017. In the last season and postseason, it was surrender in a game that was more weird. He went on to win the regular season and started his job in the & # 39; phosseisear. Gathering seems to be tired. According to the rule called Verducci Rule, there is a risk of increased doses when new heating is in place; Increasingly in new games than in previous years.

The Dodgers take Buller carefully. But it is not too late. Buller has already held four areas of bullpen personally before training in spring.

The broch that appears at the & # 39; Dodgers in the order of Clayton Kershaw, Buller, Ryu Hyun Jin, Maeda Genta, and Rich Hill.

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