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If you have recently been on the internet, you may have heard that you should be concerned about how Bluetooth phones, such as $ 200 AirPods from Apple, are influencing your risk of being on the internet. cancer development.

The short answer: Everyone settling. Nothing is particularly harmful to Bluetooth radiation compared to other electronic devices. But, like many of the other electronic materials that surround us, scientists can't say that wireless technology is 100% free of offense.

Hubbub rises from a middle blog post that arrived earlier this month. The post is named Jerry Phillips, a biologist who has studied the damage to DNA from electromagnetic fields. His research shows that it is possible, but not convinced, that electromagnetic field activity could negatively depress human DNA, and that people should limit their knowledge as a result. T .

"My responsibility is for AirPods that their position in the ear canal is getting out their heads to a higher radio frequency radiation radiation."

There is no evidence that AirPods or other Bluetooth earrings are dangerous

There is no evidence that radio radiation (RF) can affect the brains of the brain or cancer of a non-cancerous disease.

The author also confirmed a group of more than 200 international scientists "appeals" to the United Nations and the World Health Organization in 2015 causing great concern; describe the non-ionic electromagnetic range (EMF) which is removed by Bluetooth devices, such as Airpods.

That's true, but the letter that is specifically mentioned didn't mention bluetooth devices or headphones.

The scientists behind the letter are concerned about all types of electronic electronics that spread non-ionic electromagnetic fields – the energy waves that travel at high speed in many electricity, receiving t including cell phones, Wi-Fi, smart meters, baby analyzes, and broadcasting. antenna.

"EMF scientists are very worried about feeling that there is reach from the radiation from wireless machines and antennas from all sources, including the Bluetooth binary digital signals," said Elizabeth Kelley, Director of Interference EMF for an Email Industry.

But most other scientists are worried that there is real evidence that the small doses of radiation from cell phones and Bluetooth phones are dangerous.

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"They don't have enough energy to cause cancer by damaging directly the DNA contained within cells," according to American Society of America.

The radio waves of electrical and magnetic energy that move out of mobile phones, radios, and other types of wireless wire such as Bluetooth are different from those of stronger radiation we introduce t rays, x-rays, gamma rays, and ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun, which can break the chemical properties of DNA.

In fact, as the California Public Health Department says, keeping up a mobile up to your face, that releases much more RF energy than Bluetooth phones like AirPods.

Evidence suggests that cell phone radiation can be harmful to rats, but not to humans


So far scientific studies do not suggest that this type of phone radiation is harmful to people in the way that there is a greater amount of radiation from x-ray rays or solar UVs.

But the same is not true for rats. The US National Toxicity Program has found that there is “clear evidence” that the risk from male rats is passed to large radiation of cells per day to increase heartburn, as well as “some evidence” that it is associated with more brain diseases. They can't say the same thing for rats and Mice (male and female).

How scientists have found out many times before, just because something is happening in laboratory rats then that doesn't mean that the same thing will be true in humans. Finding out whether an amount of mobile phone's radiation that a body the size of a human being is available for day-to-day purposes is difficult to detect.

The evidence we have provided is not secure. One 10-year inquiry over 13 countries that had been appointed by the International Research Group on risks to telephone radiation has concluded that there is no greater risk for brain pressure in people. use of average cell phones, but these experts warned that more research is needed on some of the strongest phone users. (Again, the amount of radiation from Bluetooth devices is lower than from a cell phone.)

If you are worried about any possible risks to radiation, Kelley with an EMF Scientist recommends that you hover Bluetooth earphones for headphones. Even that way it just leaves a little bit of space between your brain and RF radiation from your cell phone.

Whether you are using AirPods or any other audio listening device, it's better to spend more time worrying about average increase.

Then, the science is more positive. Always appearing with the loud noises can result in pneumatic neuromus tickets that can result in a loss of a tumor, as well as regular bowling in the ears called tinnitus. If that happens, you may need another type of wireless technology in your ear. It is known as a listening ear.

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