Does Botox disturb her & # 39; Duchess of Kate?


Did the Duchess of Kate (38) help the Beauty Doc? The images of the red brass from the BAFTA Awards show Kate are extremely attractive and unhappy. There are no foundations to add the word phrases to their natural appearance. Its beautiful lines are as removed, the skin looks much larger than usual. Could Botox and Filler be involved here?

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The Duchess of Kate resigned at the BAFTA Awards on Sunday in the creation of a whiteberry by Alasdair MqQueen. But the clothing that was an eye-eye was not really – the fans would also do it; popular with people who were free.

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To compare, in November, Kate moved her shoes with pride. This nature gave sympathy points to the British people.

Everything natural?

Whether it's possible to & # 39; Think of the myth to have a beautiful doctor enabling her; away from the mission or not the maker who created this optical regeneration only. Even if we are very awful, she is alone to her beauty and beauty; given. Pictures of a yesterday's night show Kate beaming, which is a & # 39; Feeling well in the skin – and that's the biggest thing.

Direct image comparison: Duchess of Kate Sunday afternoon (left) and December (right). The skin will look great at & # 39; hidden in this picture in recent months.

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