Does Fortnite need a classification system?


Winter Games supporters have given a new game to Fortnite competitors and this has achieved one of the most exciting Fortnite goals.

The health and shield set out when it was killed preventing the turtle protection and the end of the game while longing; And he was a rewarding in aggressive play.

In addition, the scoring system seemed to make sense in the way in which it was a bit active and its. killing. But it may be a bit used.

With a quick upgrade, the point system they used worked like this:

  • Victory Royale: +3 points
  • Top 5: +1 point
  • Top 10: +1 point
  • 3 Abstraction: +1 point
  • 5 Abstraction: +1 point
  • 7 Abstraction: +1 point

With this system, it's the best possible game to play eight points by clicking on it. get seven or more killed and the Victory Royale.

At the end, that system did not make enough difference between each indicator.

Expanded a concept posted by Bonesingyre to Reddit / r / FortniteCompetitive the scoring system and gave it more depth.

Standing Points:

Class Points
20th 2
10th 2
7th 2
5th 2
3rd 2
2nd 2
1st 6

Disruption Points:

Mata Points
All Kill 1 point
3 Mata Bonus 2 point
5 Mata Bonus 2 point
7 were killed Bonus 2 point


Standing Mata Total Points Standing Points Death points
75th 2 killed 2 points 0 2
50th 2 killed 2 points 0 2
12th 5 were killed 11 points 2 9
7th 2 killed 8 points 6 2
6th 1 to kill 7 points 6 1
6th 6 were killed 16 points 6 10
4th 1 to kill 9 points 8 1
3rd 4 were killed 16 points 10 6
2nd 0 to kill 12 points 12 0
2nd 5 were killed 21 points 12 9
1st 2 killed 20 points 18 2
1st 8 were killed 32 points 18 14

This would give a great deal of weight for the individual prize for each game and reduced the RNG well. Victory Royale is still worthy of an award, but it's even quick to die with anything; Killing a difficult prize.

With the high-quality rugby lobbies of Winter Rider graduates, it was easy for players to get a good game with four sailors and 11th place; ends to get one point. The scoring system appears from / u / MacIntyre to position some of these issues.

What would a deployed system in Fortnite provide?

The goal of deepening in these scoring systems is to Try to find out what Fortnite would be. He would have to give a scouting system and his / her ideas at Winter. Winter – or – Based on the & # 39; winter – a strong start.

The benefits of using a classified system are many. Just ask literally every other battalion consort. The categorized range offers games and continuous goals to play. All elevated floors show progress in skill and sense of achievement.

Story League System

Managers also provide an easy way to compare a competition. People do not now need to know who's best in a friend's group, that is what they do.

For people who just build Fortnite, they are going to & # 39; gain a more generous player experience. New players do not have access to most of their lobbies. at present. They can enter remote areas and make decimals, but finally the skill gap is & # 39; catch them up and someone is just taking them as a rejection as the ring closes. (Trust for me, I have seen it happens when my room is enough.)

There are also benefits to the highest level. There has been a lot of debating about who's the best players in Fortnite, and that's because there are no big ways to get people to; demonstrate their skills.

The conflicts are too remote and rely on RNG. The players' winners are good, but they can not be said to be the best players in the game; there. For example, Tfue and Cloakzy Fall Skirmish won, and they probably seemed to be the best players; in them, but then Winter supporters came in and no one was entitled to certification.

Final Results Finished the Bishop

There may be several reasons that are not appropriate, and that is the problem. The best players in literature are all the more recognizable and well-known literature. The best players in Fortnite are very hard and constantly changing. A children's range provided an active base for the best players, and then they would kick up and official results; help with cream cream.

Why not work Advanced in Fortnite

For these benefits, there are some important differences between the Battle Royale games and traditional facilities. They do not end up that & # 39; make up and grow so sad. Even a & # 39; Using the current Winter Scouting in Winter, it does not. giving way to people to lay down. There are points just steel and steel.

To bring back strategies to the ground, there must be an average re-position that will bring people down palate. The other solution was; for each game start with adverse effects on players' ranks, then, after a particular doorstep to kill or place a place, the advanced level would be. This would impede players from farming games or simply disassemble each game.

In addition, the lack of a recorded system may present the fascinating debate of the Fortnite fuel. Epic may not want to have a definitive proof of the best player in a friend's group. They talk well with each player to think that the best thing that might be good for their & # 39; game.

A system that was scheduled would also show proof of change for many long-term players. Suddenly, Victory Royales will be much harder to come, but they will bring back that mind that has won the consequences of all its benefits as a result. heart when we started playing & # 39; game.


Do you think Fortnite should have a classification system? How would you want to look it? Please tell us in the comments below:

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