Does he win a prize in My Dinh?


Monday 11/18/2018 00:05 AM (GMT + 7)

Asian media is delighted with the NHM Vietnam's commitment to My Dinh. Coach Park Seong Hang is able to build the competition at home.

Watch a 2-star video against Malaysia in My Dinh: (NextMedia copyright clips, broadcast on VTC)

Asia newspaper praised "fire pan" My Dinh

AFF Cup 2018 it will be very popular with high quality professional games. The new rules will be done to a & # 39; more attractive competition for fans. Only Timor Leste, nine teams have played at least two games at home.

Vietnam Does A Din's Cup Aven Cup win in My Dinh? - 1

More than four thousand spectators on My Dinh are converted into a "fire fire"

For this time, the fans of the nine teams have seen the national team playing at home. Fox Sports Asian's announcement has just given an overview of the heat of the nine surgeons.

Vietnam's My Dinh Park is a great deal. From the time before the First World War with Malaysia, the Asian places were very horrible with the long quays of fans waiting for tickets. When the member moves, the atmosphere that has created more than four thousand fans is a great deal. turn "fire fire" My Dinh.

According to Sports Fox's statistics, Myhenh is the best of 41,636 people. The two largest stadiums in south-east Asia, Bukit Jalil (Malaysia) and Rajamangla (Thailand), had a disappointment with just 12,127 spectators and 8,764 spectators.

Panaad was a blade with a & # 39; fewer listeners. Although the keeper of Neil Etheridge from England is Sven-Goran Eriksson's CEO and coach but only 4,327 spectators have just returned to see their reception game.

Does Vietnam take the home competition?

Vietnam Team There is very effective weapons in My Dinh course. With the enthusiasm of more than four thousand spectators, any team is under great pressure. Malaysia has to maintain 90 minutes of intense tension. Although the "tigers" have become uncertain and the heat in the "fire pan" affects the "Ultras" team in the centers.

Vietnam Does A Din's Cup Aven Cup win in My Dinh? - 2

Vietnam always raises more than 100% strength in My Dinh

Under the new AFF Cup 2011 formula, the two final and even finalists will also play two routes away. The Vietnam team has a huge benefit when they offer access to their customers. break the finals in My Dinh. With the previous collection, the winning team in the & # 39; a final between First Division A and the second Division B who played the last visit at home.

At present, Vietnam has not won its main role in Group A as a result of the fascinating difference in Myanmar. Master Hang Park Here is still the No. 1 candidate. On November 20, Vietnam will go directly to Myanamar. Just do not miss, Vietnam's door light to the top of her; board and the last trip to Cambodia and Myanmar must be the guests of Malaysia.

If needed, Vietnam Team Sufficient to get into the final. With "the land, the peace", Hang Park's parent-teacher is the right hope with the help of more than four thousand spectators who build a 2018 AFF Cup Cup in My Dinh.


Myanmar says he will close his doors in all pre-Vietnamese training sessions.

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