Does Microsoft endeavor to innovate and improve quality in the future?


Microsoft was not particularly good when it came to innovating and communicating; long & nbsp; You can say that for many companies, for example Google, it was always a sense that Microsoft could greatly improve the situation with very few resources.

I talked about that in 2015 when Microsoft revealed that it did not release KB support articles for all upgrades for Windows 10 now. In other situations where the communication was sub-par when the company resolved to " removing an unfinished source from OneDrive, a whole Telemetry device, or using a company for a & # 39; distribute updates before publishing support pages that reveal the updates that have been distributed.

The release of the October 2018 Update, which should be released early in October 2018, should be due to the issues caused by some systems, to be pushed Microsoft in the right track to update innovation and quality.

It is the first thing to do; Administrators and users can be aware that Microsoft's key statements have been re-opened by the new Windows version conversion version for the Support page.

windows security renewal November 2018

I agree that it was a very weak signal at the time but it has already updated the page several times to inform it about new issues. When Microsoft spreads feature information on Tuesday, only one case was listed on the page. On Friday, the list of issues rises to three and now, it's five cases that you find here on the page.

Although it is unlikely to talk for the quality of the update, it can be & # 39; means Microsoft will start to & # 39; provides vital information to administrators and users.

Woody Leonhard said Friday that Microsoft changed as the updates are delivered. Instead of just putting all Windows systems up-to-date updates, Microsoft put a new new boost for KB4469342 to turn Windows 10 1809 to a & # 39; Circle introduction first of cancer.

The update will go through a trip of experiments and analysis before Microsoft automatically sends it to the publicity.

Final words

Microsoft needs to be clear when it comes to updates for the operating system and communication too. It's a good idea to have a & # 39; pushing updates on the preview channel first released before they are given to the entire Windows total.

Again, it's too early to tell if it's a new renewal and testing strategy, or if it's just a short change so that there is no further problem with the new update for the operating system.

Now you: What are you doing on this development?


Does Microsoft endeavor to innovate and improve quality in the future?

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Does Microsoft endeavor to innovate and improve quality in the future?


Is it possible that Microsoft will transform its innovation on the quality of Windows 10 innovation and promotional transparency / communication?


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