Does NHM still have tickets to buy Vietnam vs. Cambodia?


According to information, VFF only gave around 13,000 tickets and invited to watch games between Vietnam and Cambodia. The reason for this small ticket, after the Hang Dien garden, has been restored, the seats have been reduced, the capacity is only about 18,000 sets. In addition, VFF did not sell tickets for two ends and the second floor of platform B, which is installed in Hanoi FC, so ticket sales can not be so tall expected.

In addition to that, as well as the previous game, a large number of invitations and tickets were used to pay for AFF benefits, VFF supporters and the Cambodia Football Federation. Depending on the available information, AFF has only taken over 1,000 tickets to attend its donors. In addition, the VFF also has to offer tickets to the traditional people, to spend years supporting national teams.

Tickets for the game are said to have been sold together with Cambodia simultaneously sold against Malay. So, to this extent, in particular, there are tickets to watch the & # 39; game is sold out and so it is difficult for organizations and individuals to buy more tickets from the VFF.

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