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Cold teas that break a & # 39; Permits the polar word over Midwest, which leaves many people to; ask what has grown of global warming. President Trump made a decision on these ideas in tweet on January 28: "San Midwest is beautiful, wind temperatures reach less than 60 degrees, the coolest ever recorded. In the days ahead, it is expected to be cooler. People can not be Even out for minutes. What is the hell going to Heat of the Universe? Come back soon, we need you! "

At the forefront, the evidence shows that: in a time where global warming is considered one of the most important international issues, it is likely that solution to the solution of expert bids science that the earth is warm up quickly. Is the polar password that opposes the global warming?

To do it exactly, the answer is not. Indeed, global warming may have a great likelihood of contributing to the ethos of the polar word.

The polar word itself is a low-pressure hard current and a cold air that creates around its & north pole in the winter, holding the cold air in a & # 39; the north end. At the low edge of its polar punctuation a jet stream, which relies on a lot of daily weather in the United States. During winter months, this device can be weakened and will add cold oxygen to the south.

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