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a & # 39; Exchange rate Monday Venezuelaquiz questioner Juan Guaidó will challenge the Nicolás Maduro system over the extraordinary echolocation that affected the country for four days and amazed the crowd as it has water and food supplies. running away.

In the parallel market Venezuela, the dollars They recorded a decrease of 0.07% to 3,600.84 sovereign gunslower than 3,603.44 on Friday units, according to data from the web port Dolar Today.

Barrick withdraw an enemy claim for Newmont but agrees to cooperate in Nevada.

The gold price falls for strength and dollar

Today Guareto, which is known by more than 50 countries as an interim president Venezuelait will be the head of a “crisis session” in Transport which is mainly to oppose humanitarian support, after receiving donations from the United States on 23 February.

"We can't turn our faces against the disaster that our country lives in. I ask for a national order of commandment," said the statutory leader, who was willing to allow foreign fire activity.

To date knowledge of the space and opportunities of the "national emergency" have not been fully implemented, in a country where the Armed Forces are supported by almost every Maduro base.

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