Dolce & Gabbana stopped the Shanghai exhibition after the controversial chopsticks notices


Dolce & Gabbana has stopped a fashion show in Shanghai – a Chinese commercial center – on November 21, after complaining about its latest fashion show, And what users of a social network say the negative ideas against the world's second largest economy in the world.

The controversy is one number of the social network of Weibo – a Twitter of China, with over 120 million readers in the middle of 21/11, grants from celebrities, such as Zhang Ziyi, are a movie star in the film "Memoirs of Geisha, "who gave a critical comment on the brand of Golce & Gabbana.

Networkers will criticize the "chopsticks" advertising initiative, in which a Chinese woman has a " Using chopsticks for eating pizza and spaghetti.

Some observers feel dissatisfied about what they are doing. The storyteller's story is the story of the story, teaching chopsticks.

The screens on the web also show that the designer Stefano Gabbana has stated that he will call "mafia dona, truagh" in the Instagram conversation.

"We are worried about the impact and impact of these misleading ideas in the country and Chinese people," the brand said a luxury fashion in a Chinese online excuse. Weibo, and says that the Gabbana Instagram account was cut.

The November presentation on November 21 in Shanghai was re-scheduled for a number of reasons, "said its company." We are very sorry because of the inconvenience caused by this. "

But the company does not have a fashion to say that a special program date is listed again.

Famous people, such as Li Bingbing actress and the Wang Tuan-kai musician, said they would. hit the Shanghai exhibition.

This is the first time that Dolce & Gabbana was criticized in China. A series of adverts was circulated last year, many social network users said that not only the ads show their life in China.

Dolce & Gabbana did not immediately respond to the Reuters request to comment on this issue.

This event demonstrates the dangers of global brands in China, where powerful web users often have; Respond to behaviors estimated to be & # 39; commit crime to Chinese culture, and may lead them over to To affect companies that try to pull users away with large marriages.

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