Dollar, danger and the Dharma Initiative that the Government wants


The current situation is remembered "Dharma Initiative", which is the name of a scientific project in the American television series "Lost": a secret project with a large presence on the island where the Flight 815 of Oceanic Airlines has disappeared, and which aims to change humanity change, to avoid "destroy" the person. The numbers, among them, are based on a day-to-day equation and self-destructive humanity …

Head of Central Bank, Guido Sandleris.

Head of Central Bank, Guido Sandleris.

Head of Central Bank, Guido Sandleris.

On the one hand, the secret project with which it is Guido Sandleris Plans for a complex financial situation appear to have saved, to date, gradual decline in the Leliq level, which made a new 60% annually rate from the determination of cutting in expects inflation in the last few months of the year.

On the other hand, The money in the retail market is back to & # 39; hitting the lowest level of the band, which could create a type of additional request for a dollar from a & # 39; consider repealing.

However, this is the most important thing: the Government is fulfilling a major economic and revitalized economic plan. Achieving reorganization of more coherent funding terms for Argentina in the international market. The level of domestic risk exceeds 700 bases will be installed; plan at risk. The equation for saving an "island" is not working.

bcra fisheye.jpg middle bank

In other words, beyond the symmetry that is between the level and the dollar that was permanently recorded by a Bank; Central, the government recognizes that the most important thing is to achieve a significant reduction in risk. This is because, because the contracts are like this, this is a # 39; means that the cost of funding has been reduced and that Argentina will access voluntary credit as soon as possible; as possible.

Despite this, the regulated levels would be negative impact on economic activity, because that level must be to enable the investor not only the level paid by the US Treasury band, but also the Argentinian bond payable ( Argentine Country threat). And that is added, the financial uncertainty (whether the dollar is due to surrender or not) and politics (as the votes are going on for the next elections) .

Therefore, if the uncertainty is to come in, not only does the Government be able to finance itself in the markets, but it would also be the case. means a cut of the financial uncertainty that could, therefore, influence the politics. With an economy with lower rates and a regulatory exchange rate, the Finance Department recognizes that this will be done; meant that there would be more political support, which would reduce the country's risk even more. and so on

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