Dollar in Chile today – Diario Financiero


Although the parties have not reached an agreement to end a trade war, rising money is rising at this time.

The world's leading monies are rising against the dollar today, and Silein's football is not at all; affecting it. Although experts expect it to rise again in the short term before returning to the current level.

The Financial Works Audit (EOF), published today with the Central Bank, show that the middle of its market is expecting the exchange rate of $ 665 in another seven days, but will reach $ 660 in another 28 days.

In today's first work, the exchange rate is $ 660.70, according to Reuters data, which is a show a $ 3.3 drop compared to the Friday end.

In this way, the local currency exchange is linked to what is happening in global markets. At this time, Dollar Dossier – which calculates the money that is a dollar – apply to a basket of six world money – which falls 0.23%, and the main funds that go to it; emerge to fall near her & # 39; block.

These motions are happening despite the fact that their & # 39; Last round of talks between the Chinese and US governments, their trading agreement to end the war tariff between the two countries, ends without concrete progress.

According to local staff, the statement states that more conversations are coming forward to & # 39; Getting optimistic investors, even though they're stressing it. think that the progress being made on that front is a means that it is unstable in the short term.

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