Dollar in Chile today – Diario Financiero


At the end of the jobs, the exchange rate is mentioned at $ 675.3, which is a loss of $ 1.7 compared to what it has finished before.

There was a reduction in copper price and new fears on a commercial war that affected its & # 39; Silein in the morning, but the Colombian repository was reimbursed in the region against his move, and so the dollar was in his face; local market to end.

At the end of the jobs The exchange rate of $ 675.3 was mentioned, which is a drop of $ 1.7 compared to how it finished yesterday.

In general, the international financial situation is badly at risk, with global pressure on the world and the multi-dollar dollar – that is, the price of money related to basket money – 0.32% increase

This is in a context where the struggle between the United States and China has been placed at the heart of its market eyes, after President Donald Trump that he is likely to put it on remove deposits as well as Chinese references.

In addition, a huge reduction in copper price was played against their national passport. Commercial sound dropped 1.22% in metal price on London Metal Exchange, which amounted to US $ 2.79 per pound.

But, by passing the hours, Latin American currency began to rise in a block. The reason? The interconnection from the Brazilian central bank, with dolphin points in order to protect the money, increased dramatically. At this time, it rises 1.17% against the currency.

This gave rise to the department's money, saying local workers, which allowed them to abandon the general weight and get land on the dollar. The main funds of the region include, the only sun rising to a very little level that is not rising at this time.

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