Domen Prevc, the seventh man, Peter to get points, is Austria


The winner of Stefan Kraft of Austria is the winner of the unique jumper of the famous Viking tournament, Raw-Air in Lillehammer. The international colors were represented by singer Timi Zajc, Peter Prevc, Domen Prevc and Anže Lanišek .. Only his brother Prevc came to the finals and to World Cup points. Dom was seventh, Peter was 26.

At Kraft (139/141 m / 285.7), the hosts also ranked the winners. Robert Johansson (135 / 138.5 / 273.3) and Japan Ryo Kobayashi (130/137 m / 261.7).

In the final, only Brother Prevc

The final of the second flight of the Raw-Norway flight was the only brothers of the Domen and Peter Prevc from Slovenia. Turf 135 meters was after the first row in a position to attack the podium, but after a second attempt (132.5 m) he had to satisfy the standards among the top ten. He was seven years old. Peter is 131.5 meters first and 122 in the second place, and the 26th place is less appealing and especially after he was podium on a Sunday race at Holmenkoll after long sushi.

Zajc made slow out of the target range

He was not in the final Anže Laniška115 meters high, and the competition was completed in the first series by the best Slovenian jumper this winter t Timi Zajc. He was waiting for a long time permission from the Gorazd Bertoncelj coach because of a wind blow, and then jumping badly (117 m) and, after an action with anger, he pulled out of the target area. Zajc ended at 39th and Lanisek completed 44th.

Kraft ro Kobajaši, Domen Prevc Ninth

As well as Raw-Air's visit (including jumping from qualifications and team games), he is still ahead of Johansson, and Kraft is now in second place second, and Kobajaši has moved to third position. place. Today, Domen Prevc is the ninth place, Peter is 14, and Zajc slipped to 24. The journey now moves to Trondheim, where they are the center of the certificate, and a different game takes place. Thursday.

Raw-Air, Lillehammer, individual race:

Johansson is in the top

Robert Johansson, who won the Sunday game, runs through the Viking adventure.

Robert Johansson, who won the Sunday game, runs through the Viking adventure.
Photo: Sportida

In the total number of trips (the winner will receive 60 thousand euro, the other 30 miles, the third thousand euro) which guides the winner of the game at Holmenkolln Norway. Robert Johansson, the second winner is Ryo Kobajaši World Cup, and the third man Stefan Kraft.

Overall, Raw-Air visited
1. Robert Johansson 950.3 points
2. Stefan Kraft 937.4
3. Ryo Kobajaši 921.4

9. Domain Prevc 831.8
14. Peter Prevc 810.6
24. Timi Zajc 706.3
34. Anže Lanišek 518.8
45. aiga Jelar 300.3
69. Anze Semenich 178.2

RAW RAW 3 Tour Program

Trondheim (HS140)
Wednesday, 13 March
17:30 Qualifications (8 Series)

Thursday, March 14th
Test series 16:00
17:00 Individual game (series 9th and 10th)

Vikersund (HS240)
Friday, 15 March
17:30 Qualifications (11th row)

Saturday, 16 March
15:45 test series
17:00 Team Race (12th and 13th Row)

Sunday, March 17
Test series 16:00
17:00 Individual game (14th and 15th series)

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