Dominik Dominik bought the same way


Dominik Szoboszlai, leader of Jonc's Hungarian charitable charity, reported to the M4 Sport against the 2-0 Slovenia.

Dominik Dominations: "The skipper told me to break what I know. I went in, I did my job, I didn't get the game." In the first time we got the gig, but we got the gl glow. I am mad and we didn't win. Remlem, the most successful. "

Marco Rossi, Svetsgi Hungarian captain said the following. "We had no bad play. We were better in many ways. We had 1 to 10 conditions and played better in the second. k bergtk in circumstances, what is not. There are a lot of blood there, they have a lot of fun. We get a bug bug, we got kt glt.

Marco Rossi, the Hungarian captain attacked Svetsgi against the Soviet team Eurpa Championship scwad in Trnava, TrnavaForr: MTI / Tibor Illys

It was difficult for us to make the mistake and also influenced our confidence. We have to play with such a thing more than that. Maybe we could leave the brick with a lift. But we need to improve. At this stage, it is not so easy to bring the ball back. Szoboszlai made a mistake, but he did. I think the next one will be a blow in the Hungary.

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