Donald Trump is not interested in the third term, changing Constitution


WASHINGTON – President Trump said he has no plan to alter the US Constitution. to run for a third term.

"No, no," replied Trump, when his "Fox News Sunday" question entertained Chris Wallace. "It does not happen right, that's not – I think the eight year is a good thing, not a bad thing."

Wallace asked Trump, who is close to the middle of his way through his first message, to be named "the supervision of the chiefs".

"I think I'm doing a good job. We have ever had the best economy," he said in the Sunday Sunday interview. "We're doing very well. We would have been going to Korea to North Korea if we say that this administration has continued."

He was pressed again, Trump gave a letter to himself.

"I would give myself myself. I would like to look, I'm scared, but I do it. I would give myself A +, is that enough? Can I go higher than that?"

Trump sat down for a widespread interview with Wallace on Friday and in a rare shift he did not make a mistake.

After a team of services at an American churchyard in France on November 10, due to the fact that Marine One was unable to fly in the water, Trump said he should go to Arlington National Cemetery on the Day of Veterans.

"I should do that. I was very busy with calls for the country, we made a lot of call," Trump said. "Perhaps, you know, look back, I should have been and I did last year and I'll do it every year. But we had come in very late at night and I was just left to literally, the American cemetery in Paris and I probably liked that right and I was very busy because of state & # 39; doing other things. "

Trump gave a speech on November 11th at another American cemetery in Paris before turning back to D.C.

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